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Workers Compensation Claims For Slip and Fall Injuries at Work

Slips and falls account for many of the accidents that occur in workplaces throughout Toronto every, year even though they are one of the simplest forms of accidents at work to avoid. You can generally file workers recompense claims after a slip-and-fall injury in the workplace. It is fairly difficult to obtain workers compensation benefits, but if you file a deserving claim under the appropriate circumstances, your chances of success are maximized. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Toronto will offer guidance on how to properly file compensation claims for a slip or trip at work.

Workers compensation act is made for accident or injuries that may occur at work while performing a task or as an outcome of the employment relationship. If you were to file a claim against your employer, there is no need to prove carelessness or negligence on the part of the employer as it would be already there. Even if your wound was caused in part or in whole due to your own negligence, you would also be disqualified entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The success of a claim is based on the connection between the employment relationship and your activity.

Legal facts about slips and fall accidents in the workplace

It may seem that slips or trips at work would only cause minor injuries anyway; so they are not at all worth worrying about. However, in reality it is not the thing and this type of workplace accident may result in serious injuries like deep lacerations, broken bones and a concussion. Injuries can be rather serious if someone lands on a hard surface or trips into another object like the corner of a hard metal machine or a desk. Even a trip at work on a staircase may cause serious injuries like broken bones, concussion and deep lacerations.

In very rare cases, brain injuries and fatalities may cause by slips and fall at work and specialist personal injury solicitors associated with a leading law firm have expertise in dealing with different types of workplace accident compensation claims.

Work-related injuries are mostly handled through your state’s workers’ compensation scheme. If you receive workers recompense payback, you are usually not allowed to sue your employer. Although, if a third party, like a company making a delivery, was accountable for the condition that caused you to slip, you can have a claim against that company. To be sure, it is better to speak to a personal injury lawyer in your jurisdiction.

The time length which elapsed between your slip and fall accident and your workers recompense claim may also have an impact on the result of the proceedings. Irrespective of the underlying cause, all workers compensation claims need to be proven to result directly from the performance of occupational duties. So, if you the person who slipped and tripped and delayed much before filing, the evidence supporting his lawsuit can be reduced. Make sure that you have proper evidence when you file your workers compensation claim.

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