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Role of an Occupational Therapist in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injuries refer to those types of injuries that happen as a result of negligence of another party. This creates the requirement for hiring a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are legal practitioners who ensure the victim a proper compensation for the injury which is inclusive of monetary assistance for supporting subsequent medical charges and maintaining the standard of life. These attorneys actually take up the pain of demonstrating and explaining accurately the impact of the injury on the health and life of the victim and his/her family.

Often in certain cases of personal injury in Toronto, it has been observed that the involvement of Occupational Therapists (OT) becomes invaluable for gaining a true understanding as well as quantifying of the way the injury has left sound impact on his/her clients’ lives.

Occupational Therapists are healthcare practitioners whose principal aim remains helping his/her disabled or injured clients achieve considerable goals that bring about an improvement to the overall quality of their lives.

These therapists prove helpful to the personal injury lawyers in Toronto by assessing the harmful effects of the injury and its impact from a medical point of view which is essential to take the case forward. They form a complete assessment of the victim’s life prior to the injury or even disability (as has been found in certain cases) along with the complications that the victim is facing after the accident or injury.

These therapists develop specific programs that help the victim in maintaining, restoring, or increasing the ability of the victim to care for himself/herself and be engaged in his/her regular life activities. Their aim is to get the victim into as much of normal life as is possible while the victim undergoes treatment and necessary healing.  This might be suggestions for modification of the environment that will help in better accommodation of the injured person.

Damages that can be quantified by an Occupational Therapist

Economic Loss

This is one of the important aspects that are taken care of by a therapist. This relates to the ability of the victim to work and earn for maintaining the lifestyle he/she led before the injury. The therapist assesses the impact of the injury on the ability of the victim to work and accordingly gives the report.

Attendant Care

It is another of the aspects that are dealt by the therapists. This entails to the requirements of the client for the assistance of others.

Medication Costs

Medical expenses are one of the vital factors in case of any injury and more so when it is caused by others. The therapist should bring it to the notice of the legal practitioner regarding the expenses that the victim has to undertake for the injury so that the same gets compensated.


In case of a severe personal injury, the victim as has been often observed faces difficulty in housekeeping activities and may require keeping a housekeeper to take care. These expenses resulting of the damage are also assessed and brought to legal notice by the practitioner.

In cases of personal injury, small costs keep on piling up to reach considerable level that when brought to legal attention and are justified falls under the compensation that the accused part has to pay for. The legal practitioner quantifies the monetary cost of the damages and works in favour of the victim to get the same compensated by the accused.

Thus there are a number of damages that are to be considered while fighting for achieving a fair settlement. However, if the personal injury lawyer is ignorant about the victim’s lifestyle and the changes that have been there as a result of the accident, the attorney won’t be able to make use of them in the case.

An OT is beneficial as being medical practitioners they assess the case from the medical point of view and helps in gaining a better understanding of the real situation of the victim post the injury. OTs also present supporting documentations that acts as powerful tools for demonstrating the victim’s circumstances in case of a settlement meeting, courtroom or mediation. A good lawyer will take the time to reckon every speck of damage and will get the best possible settlement and thereby easing out the financial burden as the victim recovers from the injury.

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