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Personal Injury Lawyers – How They Can Help You In Slip And Fall?

Have you ever thought that you can make claims for slip and fall accidents? Yes, you can. As the name indicates, such an accident takes place if you slip and fall or trip over an object lying on the ground and hurt yourself. Slip and fall accidents are also known as:

•    Trip & Fall Accident -when you fall over any foreign item.
•    Stump & Fall Accident – if you fall over a barrier while walking.
•    Step & Fall Accident- when you stumble on a fissure or unanticipated stoppage while walking.

Sometimes, for such slip and fall injuries, legal step can be taken to recuperate from the injuries you have suffered. You can find many personal injury lawyers in Toronto who are likely to help you in this regard.

Slip And Fall Accident Cases:

Before getting into discussion about how a personal injury lawyer can help you in slip and fall cases, it is essential to know when you can make the claims. Slip and fall accidents can take place anywhere – it might be your workplace, supermarket, home improvement shop, a restaurant, etc.

Other than these situations, you can also make the claim if you get hurt under premises liability. The theory states – owners of respective properties are liable to maintain their premises in good condition so that there are no chances of slip and fall accidents. However, if someone fails to keep their property in safe state owing to which you get hurt then you can file a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Slip And Fall Accidents:

Proving Liability

To file your case for a trial or for settlement, you need to prove your liability. This further implies that you will need someone to prove your innocence and guilt of the third party. Often this is easy to prove when fighting case for car accidents, but complicated for slip and fall.

For this reason, your lawyer will sit with you for a consultation process and know about how the injury took place. Sometimes, you might not remember what led to the mishap. Yet you should try to help the lawyer with all the details and he/she will figure out the possibilities of your fall and then will determine on how to proceed further.

What You are Worth Of

Your personal injury attorney will make an assessment on what you are worth of before filing a claim. Here are some of the compensatory damages you are entitled to:

General Damages – These relate to the compensation for injury along with ongoing disability, suffering, pain and disfigurement. The amount here depends on:

•    Suffering and Pain
•    Your medical forecast in the future
•    Severity of your injury and
•    Pre-existing injuries

Specific Damages – Special damages count for calculable loss of money that resulted from your injury. These cover medical expenditure, consequential costs and lost wages for past and future as well. Amount depends on:

•    Medical Bills
•    How much the injury has affected your working ability and
•    How the injury has affected your lifestyle

Punitive Damages – These are the form of award to be granted if you have suffered a personal injury. Generally, punitive damages are being awarded only when you have been harmed intentionally.

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