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Know the Steps to Undertake Following a Car Accident

A number of people who have been a victim of car accident for the first time in his or her life often lack the knowledge of claiming their compensation right. They often find themselves lost in the maze of legal proceedings in respect to receiving the medical coverage as compensation to the injury. If the victim hails a fortunate one, he or she can enjoy the benefits offered through their respective workplace or the workplace of parents or spouse. In such cases, the first choice always tends to rest with receiving benefits through the particular system.

However, once the injured person gets over with the supposed collateral benefits, then he or she can always resort to the choice of entitling the specific compensation that are likely to be given by the auto insurance company. These benefits are usually termed as accident benefits and are clearly explained in the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), a directive of the Insurance Act. However, prior to filing compensation, you must know the worth of an injury claim and the steps to go ahead in the process. This is where the role and importance of accident injury lawyers come into play.

Usually, the benefits that a car mishap victim is permitted to gain are generally based on the type of the injury. Now, the entitlement of benefits is generally determined following the classifications under three major categories. People who suffer serious injuries leading to impairment are termed as ‘catastrophically impaired’. On the other hand, minor sufferings like strains, pains, and temporary impairment, fractional tears, or soft tissue injuries are usually positioned under the ‘minor injury guideline’. Lastly, injuries that do not fall under any specific category are considered ‘non-catastrophic’.

In cases where a person tends to suffer an injury following a car mishap, then he or she can always file compensation against the driver at fault. This in particular is normally deemed as ‘tort’ claim. Now, when it comes to pursuing the proceedings of a ‘tort’ claim, the accident victim usually have to face a number of restrictions. Here is a quick look at the limitations that are usually imposed in respect to this compensation issue:

1. The person must prove severity of his or her injury up to a certain level for issuing a recovery claim for any kind of physical or psychological loss, which also involves emotional suffering. The level is commonly referred to as ‘legislative threshold’.

2. Moreover, a legal deductible of a certain amount is also imposed upon the individual in cases when the compensation for recovery tends to be $100,000 or less. This often leads to no entitlement for compensation when the claim seems to be small.

3. Lastly, every victim must remember to file the compensation as early as possible. Usually, a limitation period counting from the days of the accident for issuing a claim is set. If a person misses filing the case within the designated period, he or she might miss the opportunity, even if the matter turns out to be strong.

Since the legal proceedings of such injury claims involve a web of complexity, seeking the advice of accident injury lawyers in Toronto is always advisable. After all, only an experienced legal professional can guide you through the proceeding minus any hassle and ensure the best recovery possible.

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