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Important Facts about Defective Product Personal Injury Lawsuits

Defective product litigation and injury lawsuits involve excessively dangerous and defective goods that cause personal injuries or even death. Product liability cases typically include items like toys, household products, automobile design, industrial equipment and machinery, farm machinery, aviation goods, goods causing explosions and burns, drugs or medical devices and any other unduly dangerous or defective item. Manufacturers of flawed items are legally responsible for manufacturing defects, design defects and improper safety devices that cause injury.


Product liability also involves cases like a mislabeled item and vehicles with defective designs that cause injury. You can have a defective product liability claim, if you have been injured or have suffered some other damages, as result of using an item. Though there is an extensive range of faulty product cases, the product liability claims usually fall into three categories:

  • Defective manufacturing
  • Defective design
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions or warnings concerning the proper use of the item

Understanding these types of imperfect product liability claims will help you determine whether you have a valid claim, along with the strategy required to present your case. So far as the basic types of faulty product claims are concerned, every state essentially has the same basic laws. For each of these claims, you should remember to show that not only the item was defective, but also that it caused you injury.

Legal Features

There are the four legal ways to establish liability in personal injury cases where imperfect item is the cause of injury.

  • Negligence that occurs from the lack of expected reasonable care gives rise to carelessness, improper parts or defective assembly, resulting in a malfunctioning or dangerous product.
  • When a seller fails to uphold a promise or claim about an item, breach of warranty takes place.
  • Strict liability makes the seller or manufacturer of a defective item responsible for all injuries caused by the use of the product.
  • False advertising that is meant to lead costumers to believe that a product is safer than it actually is, or distract them from potential risks involved in the use of a product, might be argued as misrepresentations under strict liability or under breach of warranty.

Leading product liability lawyers skillfully evaluate cases that involve uses of flawed consumer goods causing physical injuries such as fractures, burns, blindness and head injuries. Lawsuits can be filed against manufacturers for faulty safety devices, design and manufacturing defects and marketing defects failure to warn of possible hazards. Property damage, injuries and deaths from recalled and flawed items each year cost the public more than $500 billion.

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