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Hire a Car Accident Lawyer To Recover Losses

A few days ago one Mercedes SUV crashed with 3 cars in the parking area and flipped upside-down on a quiet, one-way Toronto street. This is just an example, which shows that car accidents are occurring almost every day.

These kind of accidents also bring in loads of questions with it. Whose fault? Who will pay for the damage occurred to the car? Are you entitled to a rental car? Who will pay the medical bills? Will the insurance company reimburse you for the loss? Do not get misguided by the opinions and advices from your friends and relatives. Hire a car accident lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you negotiate the confusing and chaotic arena of insurance claims and settlements. You can recover losses that have occurred due to a vehicle accident; reduce the bulk amount of legal procedures and “red tape”. Knowing when to hire or contact a car accident attorney can create a great difference between a fairly resolved case and losing or owning large monetary damages.

When to Hire

It is wise to hire an auto accident attorney at the earliest, in order to avoid any mistakes that might cost you heavily. The maximum time limit for filing personal injury claims may differ from state to state. For most of the personal injury legal cases, there is a basic 2-year deadline starting from when the plaintiff knows the details of the claim, which comprise when the damage or injury has occurred, when the cause was discovered or when it was realized that legal proceedings would be required to solve the issue.

But the City of Toronto and some other Ontario communities, require the claimant to affirm their lawsuit intention within 10 days of the incident. Therefore, it is better if you can contact a lawyer right after the accident or within a week, before reaching a settlement with some insurance company.

How to Find

Getting references from friends or family members, browsing through the internet, searching the lawyers directory are good ways to start with. However, proficient car accident lawyers in Toronto are rare, but not impossible to find. Car accident lawyers cover an array of issues shooting from self injury; accidental death; property damage and determination of liabilities. When picking up the right attorney, you should pay attention to the experience that the lawyer has, skill set, past record, commitment, fee structure and location.

Questions to Ask

Below mentioned are some of the questions to be asked before hiring an attorney:

  • How much experience you have with the particular type of damage in question?
  • What is the usual settlement extent for cases like mine?
  • What percentage of my vehicle accident case will you handle?
  • What are your fee structures?
  • What out of the pocket expenses shall I have to bear.

However, you have to provide constant cooperation and furnish your lawyer with all the information that he/ she asks to pursue your claim. You have to take prompt action because there are time limits within which you have to file your claim.

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