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Construction Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Claim

As a responsible and safe construction professional, you must be aware of the dangers of your work site. It is important for you to wear the right safety equipment, take all the necessary precautions and never take pointless risks which may violate site safety protocols.

However, you can still end up suffering a major injury at workplace, even though you did everything correct. You can contact At Galan Law, the reputed law firm to get help from qualified personal injury lawyers in Toronto.  Law professionals can assist you either by pursuing a legal claim on your behalf or by navigating your state’s workers’ recompense system with you.

Even though any construction site is by its very nature hazardous place to work, this doesn’t take your supervisors from their liability to keep employees protected. And in case you get hurt in a construction accident, you can avail your right to justice.

Common grounds of construction accidents

Even safety conscious workers can suffer severe injuries on construction sites in several ways. The Experienced personal injury attorneys have seen such accidents; hence they understand well how to handle the legal consequences of these incidents.


Here are some of the types of common construction site accidents:

  • Falling materials like rock, brick, etc.
  • Electric shocks
  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding falls
  • Chemical spills
  • Explosions
  • Burns

It is quite obvious that due to any of these accidents, on-site employees will have to undergo utmost physical as well as mental crisis. Many of the victims suffer from serious brain injuries owing to construction mishaps.

Your legal options

Frankly speaking, a construction accident lawsuit is quite complicated, since there are different parties who can generally be said to possess some liability for your accident. And here comes the importance of hiring the experienced and proven personal injury lawyers.

If you have been in an accident, your legal options will by and large be determined by the laws of your state. There are usually two ways that are mostly determined by the laws of your state. Leading personal injury lawyers in Toronto will understand the relevant laws and if a workers’ compensation claim is the proper course of action for you, we at Galan Law will be glad to help you comprehend and navigate the system.


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