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A Brief Overview of Car of Accident Law in Toronto

Looking to know what are your rights if you are injured in a car accident? Here’s a brief overview of your legal rights if you have become the victim of an automobile accident in Ontario. The issue of a car accident compensation claim does not only involve the people who were injured in the accident, but also the insurance companies.

Depending on the forms of compensation available, the claims can be distinguished into two categories including accident benefits claims and lawsuits. Leading car accident lawyers in Toronto will help you with proper legal representation.

Personal Injury Benefits Claims

The automobile insurance system of Ontario is a “no-fault” system. However, this does not necessarily mean that no one is at fault, or that recompense has got nothing to do with whose fault the mishap was. This “no-fault” signifies that irrespective of who is to accuse for the mishap, any wounded victim can be eligible to receive some recompense. The claim that is available is considered as accident benefits. Hence, any party injured in a car accident can have access to these benefits irrespective of their role in the accident and it can be a passenger, a driver or even a pedestrian.

Accident benefits should be claimed from the victim’s own insurance company. So, be it a passenger, driver or pedestrian, a claim is to be made from their individual insurance companies. Remember to complete and submit an application to your respective insurance company for accident benefits as soon as possible following an auto accident.

Standard compensation includes rehabilitation and medical expenses, dependent and caregiver expenses, housekeeping and attendant care expenses and income replacement benefits. The amount of money to which the injured person is entitled to claim is dependent upon his or her circumstances and is governed by the SABS or Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule.


If you are not responsible for the car accident that you are injured in, you can opt for suing the responsible party or parties for recompense. This way commencing a lawsuit is referred to as a tort action.

The party that is not accountable for the automobile mishap has a period of two years from the date of the accident, a lawsuit can be commenced within this time period. A lawsuit is started after a statement of claim has got issued.

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